Plastic Faces


Plastic faces all around.
A plastered smile conceals a frown.
Loneliness beneath the clown.
Plastic faces.

Plastic faces try to hide
fear and hurt that lurk inside.
Too much danger to confide.
Plastic faces

“Come closer,” I whisper through the mask.
“Don’t fear I won’t take you to task.
“I am you and you are me
beneath this anonymity.”

You lift yours
and I’ll lift mine.
I feel in this a push divine.
The wounds and scars that dare to show
cannot deal a fatal blow.

“Judge not!” I see the lines are grey.
That plastic face gets in the way.
Be who you were meant to be!
This is the means to set you free.

Plastic faces disappear
when this message rings out clear.
You were never meant to wear
plastic faces.

Beloved Enemy

Have I become the enemy 
of one who's part of me?
How can he think that this is so?
How much he doesn't see.

He doesn't see the tiny babe 
that suckled at my breast.
Nor the imprint on my lap
where he would lie and rest.

He doesn't see the little boy
calling me his "favorite friend".
Our walks and talks, the books we'd read,
I never thought it'd end.

He doesn't see the prayers sent up
for aches and pains and fears.
How could this be an enemy
who's shed so many tears?

Oh, beloved enemy
if only you could know,
of all the voices in your life
mine is not a foe.

A deeper love, I couldn't feel.
Can I make you understand?
Maybe not until you hold
your own child's tiny hand.

There's nothing I wouldn't do for you
to make your life be blessed.
I want no harm to come to you,
but only what is best.

Have I become the enemy 
of one who's part of me?
Oh, Lord, I pray, please intervene
and do not let it be!

Tunnel Wound

Tunnel Wound

A tunneled wound
Left to fester
Oozing, painful
Will not heal

Dig down deep
Remove the poison
All the ache
One cannot feel

Clean it up
Expose to air
Refreshing breezes
Left a scab

A scar
White with time
Marks a growth
But concealed

Wounded heart as a graphic illustration (Vector cliparts) my,broken,heart,red

Lillian challenges us to write a quadrille (44 words) using both pronunciations/meanings of “wound”.  Join us at dVerse poets pub  

Quote by Emerson

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be!

I just love this quote! We can choose every day who we want to be. A kind person? One who listens? A person actively involved in making the lives of others better? Are we the soft, warm breeze or the harsh, biting wind?

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

Realizing more and more that we are all the same inside and feel the same joy, pain, discouragement, fear etc. We put on masks to hide these facts from others and we do not live our lives authentically. I desire to do this, but it is not an easy path to take.